GoHijau Oil Bank Machine


GoHijau is a platform and service of collecting and disposing used cooking oil, (UCO) through mobile application and oil bank machine. The implementation of this project requires integration between the software, hardware and firmware towards achieving our mission which is to provide technology-based platform for collecting and disposing the UCO. The GoHijau Oil Bank Machine technically comes with built in system and integrated with GoHijau application.

The Oil Bank Machine specification :
1. Input supply : 240Vac
2. Dimension (mm) : 1100x550x1100
3. Machine weight (kg) : Empty : 90 , Full : 190
4. Materials : Sheet metal
5. Maximum capacity (kg) : 100

RM 20,000.00 20000.0 MYR RM 20,000.00

RM 20,000.00

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