The Cities 4.0 Conference

The Cities 4.0 Conference

Date: 27 – 28 August 2018
Venue: The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Smart cities are emerging fast and they introduce new practices and services which highly impact ing the policy, planning, development and operation of city, while co-exist with urban facilities. It is now needed to understand the smart city’s impacts on the overall urban planning and vice versa, to recognise urban planning offerings in the smart city context; and harmonise the reliance of global players in the overall smart city ecosystem to develop, implement and sustain an integrated set of solutions .

The Cities 4.0 Conference and Exhibition themed ‘Building A Smart & Digitalised City’ will be a platform for participants to gather and discuss on frameworks and strategies that highlighting and measuring smart city and urban planning interrelation and identifies the meeting points among them . This will be an integrated platform for the technology and application experts, data and analysis experts, communications and connectivity experts, services and integration experts, even business and financial experts to connect with the city leaders to explore and align goals, objectives and business model as part of the smart cities ecosystem reliance. Cities 4.0 is set to provide a platform to share experience and best practices; recommend solutions and strategies. This is an unparalleled platform to get inspired, learn, experience and get connected with the industry peers.

The Cities 4.0 Conference deliberations will be on the following themes: 

  • Success Stories of Smart Cities

  • Funding Smart Initiatives

  • Privacy and Security in Smart Cities

  • Impacts and Implementations of AI, IoT, Big Data and Cloud on City Planning and Development

  • Development and Planning of Digital Infrastructure, i.e. Digital Hub, IoT Platform, 5G Network and Beyond REF: CITY4.0/ EDS/ 0086 

  • Planning and Development of Transportation and Mobility

  • Improving Citizens’ Lifestyle with Smart Utilities

  • Implication of Digital Solutions for for Smart and Advanced Cities Smart Community

The conference will include, but not limited to: An Overview of Digital Adoption in Urban Planning and Development. This will help your organisation to have a better understanding on the current trends and the impact of digitisation on future cities and witness some of the success stories. You will be shown how cities could fund their digital initiatives and how to tackle the issue of privacy and security while embracing digital transformation – this would help you to chart your offerings to the municipalities. You will be briefed as how the deployment of digital solutions including AI, Big Data, Cloud and Digital Tools in urban planning and development plan, thus helping you to improve productivity and effectiveness. The digital infrastructure experts will brief through the essential infrastructure that creating the backbone of smart cities – this will make your city planning more inclusive and smarter. You will be guided through smart solutions for essential public services including energy, water, waste, transportation that would improve the municipality services in meeting the local community’s need and attracts foreign visitors. The experts will also discuss some of the most commonly and adoptable digital solutions that would improve the standards of citizen’s healthcare, education, security of your city.

During the Conference and Exhibition, we will also connect you with potential partners through our hive of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Networking Breaks & Luncheon – an effective way to connect and network with industry stakeholders;

  • Products & Services Showcase – interactive and experiential exposure on technologies & services;

  • Digital Start-ups’ Pitching Competition – Opportunity to engage with potential investors for innovation commercialisation;

  • Digital Innovation Awards – industry recognition; and

  • Business Matching Meetings – effective pre-arranged meeting to facilitate collaborations

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