* Malaysia to become a regional robotics hub in Services, Agriculture & Manufacturing by 2030
(National Robotics Roadmap 2021 – 2030)


  • Fragmentation in the anatomy of robotics among the products, services and ‘focus’ specialisation
  • Average automation levels within Malaysian manufacturing firms are still low; 80 % automating less than 50% of their processes (FMM, 2020)


  • Imbalance in the number of robotics technology PRODUCER and USER in the ecosystem 
  • Social insecurity due to job loss and shortage of 160,000 robotics professionals in 5 skilled areas.


  • To build an integrated robotics ecosystem that brings in the USERS, PRODUCERS and ENABLERS in strengthening national robotics ecosystem 
  • To maximize the capability and capacities possessed by the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Multinational Companies (MNCs) in robotics