Malaysia The Land Of Opportunities


From a country once dependent on agriculture and primary commodities, Malaysia has today become an export-driven diversified economy spurred on by high technology, knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries. Our mature and integrated ecosystems developed over the decades nurtured a strong local supply chain that supports the long term growth of your business.

Malaysia’s economy remains resilient and rests on strong fundamentals. Its diversified economic structure, sound financial system, effective public health response and proactive macroeconomic policy support suggest that Malaysia will be able to ride out the storm better than many other countries.

Richard Record  • World Bank Lead Economist, Macroeconomics, Trade and Investments Global Practice (2020)

330,000 km2
(127,000 m2)
500 industrial estates

Ringgit Malaysia (RM) which
is divided into 100 sen

32.66 million (2021)

Parliamentary democracy  
constitutional monarch

Business English is widely used.
The multilingual population is
fluent in Malay, English, Mandarin,
Hindi and Tamil

A country with 13 states and  
3 federal territories 

Tropical-warm and sunny throughout
the year. Daily temperatures range
from 33°C (90F) during the day to 22°C in the late evening

Freedom of religion guaranteed by
the Constitution. Islam, Buddhism,
Christianity and Hinduism widely

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